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Set Up Basement Drop Ceilings Or Drywall Ceilings?

This is an easy one for me to address, and if you have actually been adhering to together with this series of videos from the get go you have never once heard me utter words drop ceiling. The factor for this is I detest them. Can you state ugly? Can you state awful? Can you say obsolete? I cannot consider any expert reason that anyone would wish to have one of these ceilings mounted in they are brand-new ended up basement room.

Ceiling Panels

Top factors I favor drywall over decline ceilings or suspended ceilings as they are in some cases called:

  • They sag after time besides the entire ceiling is hanging’ on cables.
  • Your shed no less than 3 -4 of ceiling elevation when set up.
  • The ceiling ceramic tiles or panels that you set up get terminated and cannot change damaged floor tiles anymore.
  • Decline ceiling floor tiles chip conveniently and also flake conveniently when bumped.
  • The grid-work or metal skeleton that you set up will certainly end up being rustic in time awful.
  • Recessed lights components do not work well in these ceilings to much weight making panels droop.
  • You cannot repaint them if you wish to change the color or just refresh up the paint shade like drywall.
  • The surface area of these ceilings breaks-down over time and also ends up as dirt throughout your furniture.
  • Crown molding and various other sorts of trim look ludicrous when put on go down ceilings.
  • They make your cellar appearance like a basement.

I can go on about my dislike of decrease ceilings; however I assume you get my point. However I still get the usual concerns concerning decline ceilings at least as soon as a week. One of the most frequently asked concern that my clients ask me about drop ceilings focuses on accessibility. A typical customer thinks that they must constantly have the ability to gain access to what is above the head in the cellar pipes, cables, duct, and so on. Well these customers are partly right in thinking this to be true. Some things in the basement ceiling do require to continue to be available, but not everything.

Bellow’s a listing of what needs to be accessible to the client after the drywall ceilings are installed:

  • Water shutoffs exterior and interior lines.
  • Gas shutoffs, certain sorts of gas installations.
  • Ice maker water line shutoff.
  • Doorbell transformer should be moved to storage area or a few other incomplete areas.
  • Some ductwork damper manages extremely hardly ever.
  • Any type of electric junction box that cannot be conveniently moved.

Aside from these 6 items, whatever else in the basement itempiamos lubos atsiliepimai is taken into consideration a non-accessible item, and consequently can and ought to be covered by a drywall ceiling.


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